The Lotus Lake represents the timeless divine beauty of Vietnamese women and transmits the purity of heart. The lotus is the national symbolic flower of Vietnam, the flower represents the purifying of the spirit that is born into murkiness; the woman, just like the lotus in the lake, strives to remain pure and peaceful despite the tides of life.

The collection was done at the lotus lake in Hanoi, Vietnam in summer 2013, and won the Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards 2013, Los Angeles and has appeared in exhibitions in Madrid and Paris. The photos were also published on the prestigious PhotoVogue of Vogue Italia, and many other photography magazines around the world.

The Lotus Lake IV was auctioned by Christie´s Hong Kong in 2015 at the annual International Child Protection Fund gala dinner through my representing Parisian gallery My Web´Art and reached the highest bid of all artworks.

The Lotus Lake VI is currently on digital exhibition at the famed Saatchi Gallery London.