“We have a vision. A vision of modern successful women. We believe that success starts with education. But nearly 800 million people on earth are illiterate and two thirds are women and girls.”

I FEMME is an art photography project initiated by Vietnamese fine art photographer Viet Ha Tran and Ukrainian fashion brand SIMPLIFI´s Co-Founder and Creative Director Tetyana Kretova. With the aim of developing and nourishing girl’s talent in such countries as Vietnam, India and Nepal, Viet Ha and Tetyana have decided to join forces to create this unique project. Driven by their passion for changing the world coupled with a strong interest in art and fashion, the founders wish to help changing the future for thousands of girls through financing their education.

The artwork of I FEMME, produced by Viet Ha Tran, through SIMPLIFI´s symbolic white shirts co-founded by Tetyana Kretova and stylish regional clothing, draw a picture of modern, independent, liberal and successful women of the 21st century who are the owners of their destiny while still maintaining their cultural identity.

I FEMME is an art collection of striking portraits described as emphasizing ‘fantasy and imagination’. Also portrayed in each photograph was a determination in each woman to take control of her own destiny. The objective of the project is to empower that.

100% of the net profit from the sales of artwork and white shirts will be directly donated to the non-profit organization Room to Read which helps to build schools for poor children in Asian developing countries including Vietnam, India and Nepal and also provides scholarships for girls without access to education.

The IFEMME project is supported by the growing network of people and companies. Its institutional partners include IE Center for Diversity and IE Foundation and corporate sponsors include Just Landed S.L (Spain) and Future Kids Foundation (Germany). European Cultural Academy Venice (Italy) has partnered as an Academic Sponsor and HIHEY Europe (The Netherlands) as an Art Partner.