Modern Renaissance is an art fashion project made many stories that I wanted to paint with my imagination, beliefs, and way of life. They are tales of emotions, of pride & prejudice, of sense & sensibility, of avant garde, of desire for vanity…
I wanted to break all boundaries to create my own world of art that has not yet been seen.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the whole team that worked with me.

Director of Scenography: Karen Majano Lainez
Models: Cindy Vanderpoel Astruells, Leila Amat Ortega, Carolina Olivas
Fashion Designers: Cristina Peral, Yulia Eremina
Hair Stylists: Elena Cerezo, Irene Largo Garcia
Make-up Artists: Simone Silva, Elvira Blazquez
Video Making Team: REVEURS Arte & Fotografía
Light Assistant: Edi Calvo Olmedilla
Assistant Photographer: Roberto Rivas
Assistants: José Antonio Alonso, Daniela Molina, Tino Elgner, Beatriz Calvo
Director, Stylist and Photographer: Viet Ha Tran