Whenever I look into the eyes of the elder, I see the past, the memories, the unforgettable experiences and also the regrets of what they might have done, or have not done in their life. Whenever I look into the eyes of the children, I see the future, hope, and curiosity about life. I also see the innocence, and excitement of growing up to be able to do the things that they still cannot do now, and to fight for their dreams, their beliefs. The eyes of every child tell me a different life story and touch my heart at different levels. And you, what do you see?

Madrid-based Vietnamese photographer Viet Ha Tran traveled around Iran during the traditional new year in 2013, capturing pictures of hundreds of children in five cities of Iran: Shiraz, Kashan, Yazd, Esfahan, and Tehran.

“Give your children your love,
but don’t give your ideologies.

Give your love,
give your loving nourishment,
and give them strength enough to inquire
who they are,
what this reality is all about.

Give them every support
so they can go on in life with an adventurous spirit.

Then you are helping them;
then you are really educating them.
Ordinarily, whatsoever exists
in the name of education is nothing but mis-education.

Real education is helping the person to be himself.
It is possible only if you love the person for his own sake,
for no other motive.
If there is a motive, your love is contaminated.
Then you are not a real father or a real mother.”