• "Dear Viet Ha, I am a performing artist constantly inspired by natural beauties and man-made ones such as your Art. I fell compelled to take the time this morning to send you a few lines only to let you know the beauty of your Art makes a difference in the world and congratulate you for that.

    I work with plenty of very talented photographers, some are legends, such as Douglas Kirkland. I am blow minded to discover you started only 3 years ago, the depth of your artistry has a very old soul."

  • "She didn't photograph me. Actually, she painted me. That was the sensation that I felt with this grand photographer Viet Ha Tran. Her photos and creativity are not about just capturing the moment, but creating the fantasy and, even more than that, painting and immortalizing the beauty.

    During my career I've worked with many hundreds of photographers but Viet Ha's works deeply touched my heart and left the greatest impression of all."

  • "There is a saying that a talented person can be talented in many things. I think it is very true about Viet Ha. We first met at the train station in Madrid, and I was spending the whole evening before our meeting staring at her magical photography.

    It is always fascinating to see an artist’s works first and then to meet her in person. Her photos had already revealed to me her mysterious soul, yet there are many more layers beneath the surface of this extremely talented woman."

  • "Since childhood I've had great admiration for art and I am fascinated by Viet Ha's sensibility when she creates a photography, she can transform the image into a beautiful painting that radiates through all senses.

    Working with her  has alway been a pleasure for me and I would do it a thousand times more because of her professionalism, dedication and, above all, for being a wonderful person. She is an admirable woman, strong yet charming. Above all she is a great artist that always has marveled and inspired me with her art and her big heart."

  • "Making her debut in our Word Vietnam Magazine in March 2015, Madrid-based Viet Ha Tran is one of the fashion world's hottest creators. She started her photography career just in 2013, balancing her photo shootings with full time employment as an admissions director at IE Business School in Madrid, martial arts, and traveling.

    Together with Van Thanh Cong, a top icon in the Vietnamese fashion industry, Viet Ha just launched the art photo project The Golden Imprint that got featured in more than 20 newspapers & magazines and is spreading over 10 pages in the May 2015 edition of Word Vietnam."